August/September/November: Educational Workshop II

Israelis in Berlin
A Model Space for Villa Global

Approximately 18 000 people with Israeli passports, such as Ahmed, Amichai, Anat, Guy, Jonni, Mahmud, Miriam, Naeema, Nirit, Samuel und Ze’ev live in Berlin. What does Berlin mean for them? Are they afraid of anti-semitic attacks? But are all Israelis Jewish?

The workshop series provided students from three grades the opportunity to meet Berlin Israelis and ask them questions in individual interviews. The interviews were carefully prepared and recorded on camera. Afterwards, the young people took their answers and life-stories to the editing room and turned them into vivid, multi-faceted portraits. This process demonstrated how meaningful these personal encounters were for the students.

The results of the workshop series are incorporated into the conception of a model space for the Villa Global and will be presented in connection with a workshop exhibition in 2013.

Students from the Charlie-Chaplin-Schule, the Gustav-Langenscheidt-Schule and the Robert-Blum-Schule took part in the project.

In cooperation with the deutsch-israelisches zukunftsforum foundation.

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