May/June: Theatre Workshops

Almanya, Almanya!
From Turkey to Berlin

Using role-playing, the »Almanya« workshop offered children the opportunity to explore an important chapter in migration history. This time it dealt with workers’ migration from Turkey.

After a day of preparation that used theater scenes to introduce the subject, the children dove into the everyday lives of Turkish »guest workers« in Berlin of the 1970’s and 1980’s. For four days, they took on the roles of immigrants and experienced their difficulties in foreign country. They had to work piece-work in a cookie factory, they had problems with the immigration office, lived in suffocating proximity to others in a residential home, they were bullied – but above all: at first, they did not understand a word, for the adults playing along initially spoke nothing but English. In the course of the next few days, the »guest workers« established themselves. They dedicated themselves to a Turkish association, started their own business and fought for their rights.


The teams came from the Gustav-Langenscheidt-Schule, the Neumark-Schule, the Grundschule am Barbarossa-Platz and the Jens-Nydahl-Schule.