Workshop Show
»Israelis in Berlin«

The Israelis in Berlin workshop presents the results of the eponymous workshop series. These workshops provided students with the opportunity to meet Berliner Israelis »live« and ask them questions. Personal encouners and exposure to diversity led to the creation of individual portraits and video documentaries which could be seen at the Youth Museum from 22 May to 31 August 2013. The workshop results gave the starting impulse to the reorganization of the Villa Global exhibition. A new tenant lives there now who comes from Israell …

The workshop show ISRAELIS IN BERLIN is the Berlin contribution to the German-Israeli exchange project »Identity, Integration and Belonging – Learning Spaces in Israel and in Germany«, in cooperation with Merchavim – The Instititute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship.

Funded by the German-Israel Future Forum Foundation as part of the federal state model project »Homeland Berlin. Immigration stories for children«.

A Contribution by the Jugend Museum to the Theme Year 2013 »Diversity Distroyed«.

May 22 – August 31, 2013


Vernissage 21. Mai 2013